A este chino no le canto
20th Festival de Jerez

I am very pleased to announce that I will participate in the 20th Festival de Jerez with my new performance A este chino no le canto on 2nd of March, 2016 at Teatro Villamarta.

This performance describes my whole life from when encounting flamenco changed my life and I went to Spain to train in dancing for ten years till when I came back to Japan and started building up my career as a flamenco dancer for more than half a century.

I am highly honored to welcome Eva Yerbabuena and Miguel Poveda as special collaborators. Guest artists are David Lagos, El Londro, José Valencia, Enrique El Extremeño and Paco Jarana. Cristian Lozano y Tamara López, who played the leading roles in La Celesina, will also appeare on stage. As is the case with FATUM!: A FUERZA DEL DESTINO, the musical director is Chicuelo, the choreographer is Javier Latorre, and the director is Francisco López

Shoji Kojima
8th of January, 2016

Date 2nd of March, 2016, 21:00
Theater Teatro Villamarta (Jerez de la Frontera, Spain)
Tickets 27€ - 37 €
Dance Shoji Kojima
Eva Yerbabuena (special collaborator)
Javier Latorre (special collaborator)
Cristian Lozano, Tamara López
Alvaro Paños, Ana Latorre, Carmen Manzanera
Daniel Ramos, Irene Lozano, Kanako Maeda, Víctor Martín
Song Miguel Poveda (special collaborator)
David Lagos, El Londro, José Valencia, Enrique el Extremeño
Guitar Chicuelo, Paco Jarana
Violin Carlos Caro
Cello Débora de la Fuente
Chorus Coro del Teatro Villamarta / Joan Cabero (director)
Music Chicuelo, Paco Jarana
Choreography Shoji Kojima, Javier Latorre, Daniel Ramos, Víctor Martín
Lighting Design Francisco López
Costumes Naoki Yamada, Hiroko Tatsukawa, Fatima Canca, Jesús Ruiz
Costumes coordination Erregiñe Arrotza
Technical coordination Pedro Serrano
Mask for Shoji Kojima Yoshiko Syouhouji
Calligraphy Zenryu Hidaka
Libretto & Direction Francisco López
Art Director and Executive Producer Shoji Kojima
Tickets Please check the official page of Festival de Jerez.